1. Roaming Cellular Customer dials 611

2. If XYZ Wireless subscribes to RANGER Wireless 611 Roaming service, XYZ Wireless places a call to RANGER. This may be via a call to RANGER via a RW DID local service over a long distance carrier of XYZ Wireless’ choice to transport and terminate the call to RANGER Wireless ‘application service platform (ASP). If XYZ Wireless does not subscribe to RANGER 611 Roaming service RANGER does not control how XYZ Wireless will handle a 611 call from a roaming cellular customer.

3. RANGER queries LNP database with Calling MIN-MDN to retrieve the associated LRN. If Roamer’s Cellular Provider has purchased RANGER Wireless’ 611 Roaming service, the RANGER Wireless application service platform (ASP) then queries RANGER’s proprietary database for customer care center terminating number information. Roamer’s Cellular Provider purchases Toll Free 8YY service from TFP – Toll Free Provider. RANGER places an outbound call through a DOD local service purchased from CLEC / ILEC to the 8YY number and connects the two calls. CLEC / ILEC routes the call to the tandem where tandem performs the SMS query and routes the call to CIC XXXX to Roamer’s Cellular Provider.

4. TFP routes call to TFP nodal or switched customer location.